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Our Expertise

Trusted Experts in Commercially Viable Green Chemistry

With expertise in a wide range of green chemistry domains, Addible is a trusted innovation enabler for clients of all shapes and sizes.

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Green & Sustainable Chemistry Research

Using state-of-the-art research and modelling techniques to develop novel green chemistry solutions.

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Additive Extraction
& Substitution

Replacing conventional additives with environmentally-friendly alternatives for a greener, more sustainable future.

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Solvent Design

Pioneering the development of eco-friendly solvents, minimising environmental impact.

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Bio Based
Polymer Design

Developing sustainable and renewable bio materials, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

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Recycling & Waste
Valorisation Technology

Exploring ways to recover and recycle complex materials including multi-layer packaging to promote a circular economy.

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Driving market success by focussing on commercial viability from the earliest stages of the R&D process.

Case Studies

TMO: Developing a Greener Alternative to Toluene

Our team tackled a pressing environmental challenge faced by a leading adhesive film manufacturer. Read more about how we developed a safer and greener alternative to the solvent toluene.

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Separating Multi-layer Packaging Materials for Recycling

Addible successfully delivered a scalable proof-of-concept solution for the separation of multi-layer packaging materials, leaving the materials intact and suitable for recycling.

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Development of New Bio Based Polymers

Biome, a UK-based bioplastics company, worked with Addible founder Dr James Comerford to develop a novel range of bio-based polymers.

About Us

Meet the Team

Our team has extensive experience and a remarkable track record in the field of green chemistry. Our collective portfolio boasts nearly 650 published academic papers, generating over 20,000 citations, and we are named as inventors on 25 patents.

Headshot of Dr James Comerford
Dr James Comerford

James’ specialist area covers clean synthesis and processes, heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis, CO2 utilisation, sustainable polymers and renewable resources, plastics recycling technologies, plastic additive extraction, process scale up and commercialisation.

Headshot of Professor James Clark
Professor James Clark

Professor Clark is a multi-award winning academic, internationally renowned for his research, development and application of green chemical technologies. His expertise is wide ranging, but he has particular interests in exploitation of low value bio-wastes as feedstocks for sustainable chemicals and materials.

Headshot of Dr Fergal Byrne
Dr Fergal Byrne

Fergal has designed, synthesized and scaled entirely new bio-based solvents to replace traditional ones, in particular replacements for toluene. He also designs green solvent formulations for purification of materials and extraction of valuable compounds.

Capabilities & Servics

How We Work

We believe that collaboration is the key to success, which is why we work closely with our clients to bring their ideas to life. By combining our expertise in green chemistry with your industry knowledge and market insights, we co-create innovative solutions that not only align with your sustainability goals but also have the potential to revolutionise entire industries.

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Problem Analysis


Before we design a solution, we believe it is crucial to fully understand the problem that needs solving.

In our initial analysis, we'll explore the complexities of your problem, taking into account the prevailing commercial, legislative and technological landscape alongside your business objectives.

By thoroughly assessing these factors against current competitor innovation, we lay the groundwork for identifying the most efficient and sustainable research strategies.

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Feasibility Study


We believe in mitigating risks and maximising efficiency, so we use desk-based modelling techniques to provide preliminary evidence and assess the feasibility of potential solutions.

We also explore the availability of materials, assessing their accessibility and sustainability, evaluating the ecological impact and market viability of each potential solution.

This pragmatic approach minimises costs and accelerates the research timeline, ensuring that our efforts are focused on the most viable pathways.

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Lab Research


Our exceptional lab research is conducted from a state-of-the-art facility in County Kildare, Ireland.

Research is carried out in close partnership with our clients, utilising a value-driven approach that allows us to target incremental outcomes, make informed decisions at each step, and ensure that the research trajectory is always in line with business requirements.

We believe that laboratory research does not have to be financially prohibitive; targeted quick-wins and external funding can generate commercial innovation within budget.

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Leveraging the insights gained during lab research, we continue to work in close partnership with our clients to navigate the pitfalls of scalability, translating lab research into a scalable prototype.

Our process has been designed to bridge the gap between the laboratory phase and successful commercialisation.

We deliver a prototype for your evaluation alongside a comprehensive report describing the methods employed, analysis of product quality, process efficiency and key green chemistry metrics.

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The journey from prototype to successful commercialisation is a critical phase for our clients, so we provide comprehensive support and guidance to transform chemistry solutions into marketable realities.

We work together to refine and optimise the prototype, ensuring it meets the necessary standards of scalability, efficiency, and sustainability.

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