Commercial Scaling

Separating Multi-layer Packaging Materials for Recycling

The Problem:

Multi-layer packaging, such as drink cartons and plastic food trays, present a significant challenge to the recycling industry since the various layers of paper, plastic and foil need to be separated before they can be processed. Conventional methods struggle to handle these multi-layered materials, limiting their recycling potential and consigning large amounts of valuable materials to landfill.

A large Irish mechanical recycling company, confronted with the build up of significant amounts of PET food trays which could not be recycled because of the plastic films adhered to them, approached Addible to explore a solution.

Our Solution:

Through extensive research and experimentation, we identified widely-available green solvents and solvent mixtures capable of effectively separating the component layers of multi-layered packaging at room temperature while leaving the materials intact and suitable for recovery and recycling.

With the successful delivery of a proof of concept, we have modelled the scalability of the solution and are continuing to work in partnership with our valued client to expand the process for commercial operations.

Addible’s ability to develop this solution in-house showcases our commitment to innovation and finding practical applications for our green chemistry expertise. We are proud to have set the stage for wider adoption and commercial implementation of this groundbreaking technology.